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Selling a foreclosed home is an option many homeowners who have defaulted on their loan don't know much about. Foreclosure is a long and heartbreaking process for a homeowner. But, it's not hopeless. When looking for a solution to defaulting on their mortgage payments, many owners float this question: "Can I sell my home if it is in foreclosure?" The short answer is yes. Up until the home is sold at auction, you can rescue your home by selling it and paying the lender everything you owe, including back payments and penalties.

How Does Foreclosure Work?

A foreclosure starts when the homeowner is issued a notice of default after your fourth missed payment. The whole process can take from six months to one year or more, depending on the negotiations between you and your lender.

Can I Sell After Foreclosure has Begun?

You can sell your home up until it is sold at auction or the bank takes possession of your house. During this period of time, the home is considered to be in "pre-foreclosure" and you can try to settle your debts with the lender.

One way to avoid foreclosure is to sell your home (with the help of an experienced agent). When time is of the essence, hiring a real estate agent should be your first priority so you can figure out how much your home is worth. A good agent can run a market analysis to help you anticipate how much money your home will fetch and if it's enough to pay off the mortgage. A real estate agent can also negotiate with lenders to reduce the amount they'll take in a short sale to rescue the property from foreclosure.

More than 6 in 10 homeowners delinquent in their mortgage payments are not aware of services that mortgage lenders can offer to individuals having trouble with their mortgage. –Freddie Mac/Roper poll of 2,031 U.S. homeowners | Call Now: (516) 369-6570

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