Our Services

Full Service Puppie Boutique

We offer a range of services. Below are some of the services we provide.

Bath & Grooming

*All dogs must come in with an up to date copy of vaccinations at the time of there grooming appointment. You may have your veterinarian fax them to us at 718 821-3227. This is to assure the health and safety of all pets visiting our salon

Dog Grooming Coloring

Kennel & Boarding

Before & After

Before and after pictures of our grooming services

Grooming Services

Nails clipping
Ear cleaning
Sanitary trim
Anal glands
Flea baths
Medicated baths
De- shedding
Teeth cleaning

Spa Services

Blueberry facials
Nail polish
Temporary hair color
Temporary pet tattoos
Feather extentions
Bows and Bandanas
Temporary rhinestone ear dots

Dog Grooming