Dog Education: Puppy House Proofing Checklist



1. Put trash cans in closets or get cans with locking lids
2. Secure electrical wires or get covers for them
3. Secure lamps, bookshelves and containers from your pup
4. Secure medications out of reach. (Remember puppys can chew through child proof containers
5. Secure all household cleaners and detergents. Most are toxic. Get cabinet locks if needed.
6. Keep garage items up high such as anti-freeze which can be fatal if ingested and tastes sweet to a dog. Keep screws and nails in secure containers. Rat poison and bug baits must be kept out of your dogs reach.
7. Make sure there are no weak spots in your fence so your pup does not go exploring.
8. Never leave your dog unattended if you own a pool. Dogs can drown even if they can swim
* If you're not sure you checked everything get on your hands and knees and think like a pup.