Dog Education: Dangerous foods for dogs



1. Avocado- contains persin which can cause stomach upset and sickness. The pit if consumed can cause intestinal obstruction
2. Bread dough- live yeast in the dough can expand in the stomach
3. Chocolate- caffeine and theobromine can be fatal to dogs
4. Alcohol- causes vomiting, disorientation, seizures, coma and possible death
5. Grapes and raisins- can cause kidney failure
6. Macadamia nuts- can cause pain, weakness in rear legs and possible tremors
7. Onions and Garlic- Contain compounds that can damage a dogs red blood cells and can cause stomach upset
8. Xylitol- ( non calorie sweetener) found in sugarless gum and many sugarless products. Xylitol can lead to a severe drop in blood sugar. It can cause liver failure and death