Dog Education: Cutting Your Dogs Nails



Trimming your dog’s nails is an important part of your dogs grooming needs. Nails that are left to long can painfully brake or get infected and if left to long can cause skeletal problems with your dog’s feet. Start by getting a quality dog nail clipper and clotting powder such as kwik stop. Gently lift your dog’s foot giving treats throughout the process so he associates nail clipping with something positive. If your dog has white nails you can see the vein.Leave a small amount of the white of the nail. Do not trim all the way to the pink it will bleed and cause discomfort. If your dog has black or dark nails trim a little bit of nail at a time until you see a gray or pink oval, stop that is the vein. If you are not confident enough to clip your dog’s nails you can have your veterinarian or professional groomer do it for you.