Dog Education: Puppy Bathing Tips



First make sure you have everything you need by the tub or sink (you cannot leave your pup unattended even for a minute) Gently brush out an tangles that may be present if your dog has long hair. Make sure you are using a high quality shampoo specifically for dogs.

Gently talk to your dog as you turn on the water. Make sure you have a hold on him/her the noise can be scary. The water temperature should be luke warm not too hot. Start wetting the backend let him see its not going to hurt him before working toward the head. Be careful not to get water in ears or nose. Work shampoo into coat you can use a wash rag to wash the face if the puppy objects to water on his head (you don’t want to get shampoo in the eyes even if it is tearless. Rinse, rinse, rinse. Any residue can irritate the skin.

Towel dry as much of the moisture from the coat as possible. If using your own hair dryer never use the hot setting. The low or medium setting is better always be aware of the dryer temperature while drying your pup. Gently brush the skin is more sensitive when it is wet. When you are finished don’t forget to give a well deserved treat and praise. If you are not confident enough yet to bathe your pup our grooming salon is very experienced with working with puppies. Call for an appointment just be sure your pup is up to date with all vaccinations and bring a copy with you at the time of his appointment.