Long Island Landscape Design

Long Island Landscape Design

Long Island Landscape Design

Forevergreen Horticultural Services creates Long Island landscape Designs of all shapes, sizes and purposes.  From added privacy to the front of your home to a new entertainment space in the backyard to a small enhancement to your existing design; PS Forevergreen Horticultural Services works on everything from small projects to large estate plans.

Step 1 - First we consult with you on the design, style and goals of your Landscape Design Project.

The PS Forevergreen Horticultural Services team can guide you through a brainstorming session to come up with ideas for style, design and purpose to your Long Island Landscape needs.  Collaboration is extremely important during this step and the entire design process. Together we will put together an inspiration board that will inform and help steer the concept development for your Long Island Landscape Design Service.

Step 2: Vision

Collaboration is key for every step of this Long Island Landscape Design Project.  We will explore options, forms, textures and overall experience of your Long Island Landscape space together. Once our ideas start to take shape, we present you with 2 -3 Landscape Design concepts.  From there we review layout, structure and discuss the budget and timing for our Long Island Landscape Design. Some of the most important decisions at this stage are initial materials and plant sizes; which will help shape our timelines and costs.

Step 3: Design Development

Once a conceptual direction is selected for your Long Island Landscape Design we start the process of developing the final plan. Here is where PS Forevergreen will create detailed construction drawings and finalize the design details, adding additional elements of craft and artistic flair for your Long Island Landscape.

Long Island Landscape Design

Your Long Island Landscape Design experience will be a seamless blend of functional spaces and attractive changes creating a complete environment that surrounds your Home or Business with Beauty. We accomplish this using the most efficient and up-to-date construction techniques, while providing guidance through your township's approval process.

Forever Green Horticultural Services offers a proven track record of Creative, Quality Landscape Design. Our designers are constantly challenged to find something wonderful, new and different in their designs.

Our designers work with our clients from start to finish. This means our designers will work with you from the initial design to the completion of the project. They are on site to insure your landscape is completed properly. Through the industries most advanced designs, finest quality and most efficient service Forever Green Horticultural Services provides the ultimate value in professional landscaping. Our company strives to deliver true value for our clients investment.

Forever Green Horticultural Services provides Long Island Landscape Design Services and we can help you maintain a healthy Landscape

Long Island Plantscape Designs

Forever Green Horticultural Services offers a proven track record of Creative, Quality Landscape Design Services on Long Island.

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