Long Island Seasonal Landscaping, Color Rotation

Long Island Plant Color Rotation

Long Island Seasonal Color Rotation

With careful planning seasonal color can be a part of your landscape all year long. Contact us to begin your landscape color rotation plan.

Early Spring

Bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and scented hyacinths will start their color display (fall planting required for spring bulb display) in the spring.

Additional color can be incorporated by planting pansies, dianthus and snapdragons, which come in colors ranging from soft antique pinks to bright and daring blue.

Call in FOREVER GREEN to do your spring cleanup, and we will plant your spring annuals at the same time.


Late Spring

Warm season annuals are planted to replace early spring plantings and provide flowering color all summer long. This is also a great time to add perennial color to your garden; these additions to your landscape will return every year with low maintenance.

We can enhance any setting with the textures and colors from hanging baskets, terracotta pots, glazed bowls and sculptural urns.

Forever Green can prepare your beds and planters, help you plan the desired look, and plant your combinations. We can also help maintain your plantings for color all summer long.



Many of the annuals that are planted in the spring will bloom through the heat of summer requiring only the occasional watering, a bit of fertilizer, and deadheading.

Perennials and shrubs can be added to the garden to fill voids and complete the landscape.



Call in Forever Green in September when it is time to pull the annuals from planting beds and planters.

Hardy mums and winter pansies are available in a number of colors from bronze to pink and will provide color well into November.

The colored foliage of flowering kale is an interesting way to add texture and color to a fall planting. Kale, with splashes of burgundy and white, will add a distinct look to your plantings.



Add a holiday touch to your planters with red dogwood stems, scented cedar and juniper boughs.

Evergreen roping, swags, decorative wreathes and evergreen 'reindeer' will welcome guests to your home or business.

Forever Green will deliver the holiday favorite, poinsettias. In addition to traditional red, they come in colors ranging from salmon to white speckled. Poinsettia's will brighten even the coldest winter day.


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