Long Island Landscape Cleanup Services

Long Island Landscape Cleanup

Long Island Landscape Cleanup Services

Did Sandy do damage to your landscape? No job is too big or too small.

Forevergreen Horticultural Services was established in 1993.  We are licensed and insured and equipped to design and construct a landscape of your dreams: rock gardens, English gardens, tree and plants, water features, sod or seeded lawns, retaining walls, regrading, annuals, perennials, container plants competitively priced.  All worked guaranteed.  Call today for your complimentary appointment.

Has your Long Island garden been invaded by weeds, grass, and other unknowns?  Do you have plants that you don't know if or how to prune? Do you need to mulch? We can help! Our clean-up and maintenance service includes:

Many of our Long Island customers schedule their Long Island  Cleanup Service for spring and the fall but some customers and their landscapes love it as often as 4 times a year.   Schedule your Long Island Clean Up Service  early in the season before the our lead times grow for this service too!

We DO NOT  offer a weekly mowing and edging service.  Call or email us if you need a referral to a local company that does a great job, we know several!


Long Island Spring Cleanup Service

We start off your summer season each year with a Long Island Spring Cleanup Service. This is vital to having a well kept property because any regular maintenance is an up-keep of your Long Island Spring Cleanup Service.  During your Long Island Spring Cleanup Service we will pick up twigs, branches, pine cones, etc, power rake lawn areas, clean and rake out the planting beds.  Next we will weed and shovel edge your planting beds which will sharply define the beds from your lawn areas. Finally we will edge all your lawn areas from any walks, drives, patios and curbs and power sweep any loose debris such as gravel or sand that has accumulated over the winter.  Now your property is clean and ready for mulch, flowers, fertilizer applications, etc.


Long Island Fall Cleanup

Throughout the fall we clean the leaves from your lawn areas, driveways, walkways, decks and patios depending on the town ordinance we either leave the pile in the street or vacuum up and remove it.   While we all try to stay on a regular cleanup schedule it seems difficult, almost impossible, to keep your property neat throughout the fall.

This is where a Long Island Fall Cleanup Service from ForeverGreen comes into play.  As a part of this Long Island Fall Cleanup Service we blow out every nook and crannie of your property getting all leaves, twigs and acorns out of your beds and lawn areas. Then we shovel edge and rake your planting beds.  We find that doing a very thorough fall clean up usually saves our customers money on their spring clean up.


Long Island Mulch Services

  • Choose the type of mulch you prefer, we usually recommend hard wood, double-processed mulch throughout all gardens.
  • We mulch behind bushes and hard-to-reach places. We put a fresh topping of mulch in all the Flower beds, approximately two-three inches deep to keep weeds under control and dispose of all debris we collected.


Forever Green Horticultural Services of Long Island provides Landscape Cleanup Services and we can help you maintain a healthy Landscape.

Forever Green Horticultural Services offers a proven track record of Creative, Quality Landscape Cleanup Services.

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Long Island Landscape Cleanup