About Bobs Tropical

Bob's Pets is a family company and we've been in the pet business for over 50 years. For three generations, our family has been providing healthy, quality pets, advice, and the best customer service available for pet owners all over Queens & lower NY. From the day we opened our first store in East NY on Fulton Street, to the current day in our Ridgewood, NY location, Bob's has prided itself on being one of the best in the pet store industry. So what will you find at Bob's? Just about everything! Bob's supplies a full line of dry, canned and live foods for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, small mammals and more! We've got live plants, medications, training aids, beds, crates, carriers, cages, harnesses, ornaments, leashes, collars, wee wee pads, toys and just about anything else a pet owner could need. Don't see what you want in our store? Bob's also takes custom orders for both dry goods and live animals and plants!

Bob's Pets also offers in-house grooming services for dogs and cats right in our shop, as well as nail, beak care for birds and other exotics including wing clipping. We provide our customers with tank water testing, to ensure that your aquatic pet is maintained in a healthy environment, and we can supply recommendations for exotic pet vet care as well as tank maintenance services for those of you who love a gorgeous tank but lack the time to do your own maintenance.

Out of all of the products and services we offer our customers, perhaps the greatest thing we offer you is our experience. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the pet trade industry and we love to work with, and educate our customers. An educated pet owner makes for a happy, healthy pet, and when you come to Bob's, you'll not only leave with your purchase, but also with a wealth of information and the answer to ALL of your questions. Unlike chain stores, the staff at Bob's will always take the time to explain what your pet needs, and why they need it, so your pet can stay healthy and live a long happy life.