Amazing Saltwater Selection

Bob's carries a wide variety of both fresh and saltwater fish and supplies, including koi and other pond fish. We carry freshwater crustaceans, mollusks, shrimp, and plants and also offer tank water testing, live food, and everything else you need to get the most out of your home aquarium. Starting in late 2011, Bob's is expanding its saltwater department to include even more species of fish, live rock, and coral.

Our Services

Kennel & Boarding

Groomed & Pampered

Bob’s carries birds that range from finches to macaws, including hand-raised, African grays. All of Bob’s birds are hand raised, not wild caught, and come with closed bands. Bob’s does not believe in importing wild caught birds. We also offer beak and nail trimming services as well as wing clipping for your feathered friends. We have the Best Birds for Sale in Queens NY.