Spring Cleaning Services on Long Island


Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. The practice of spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter.


The most common usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name. However it has also come to be synonymous with any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise. A person who gets their affairs in order before an audit or inspection could be said to be doing some spring cleaning.


Just like our residential house cleaning clients you can count on Got It Maid for all of your Spring Cleaning needs. . Because each job is different from the other, the services offered and supplied can vary, so a site visit to build a solid estimate for service is important. 


Throughout your entire home we Can

  1. Wash inside of reachable windows, sill's, ledges and tracks
  2. Wash glass doors and sidelights inside and out
  3. Hand wash all reachable light fixtures and ceiling fans
  4. Spot wash walls and or wallpaper
  5. Wipe light switch plates for finger smudges
  6. Hand wash baseboards, doors, banisters and exterior of cabinets
  7. Polish furniture with polish and rag
  8. Clean all knickknacks
  9. Picture frames dusted and polished
  10. Cobwebs removed both high and low
  11. We will do minimum pick up and straightening
  12. Vacuum and edge all carpets and rugs
  13. Vacuum sweep and mop all hard floors

Bathrooms and Kitchen

  1. Clean and disinfect sinks and vanities
  2. Disinfect toilet inside and out
  3. Remove buildup from showers and tubs
  4. Polish mirrors and chrome fixtures
  5. Track lighting will be dusted and clear bulbs wiped clean
  6. Clean and disinfect sinks and countertops
  7. Clean range top
  8. Disinfect microwave inside and out
  9. Polish exposed sides of appliances and counter d├ęcor
  10. Refrigerator cleaned and disinfected
  11. Clean inside oven and or range top