Move In Cleaning and Move Out Cleaning on Long Island


Moving Out Cleaning Service on Long Island

This cleaning is designed to prepare a home for the next tenant, meet landlord/tenant responsibilities in regards to your deposit or after sale of your home. Most of the time the house is empty for us to clean although we can work around furniture, boxes, etc if necessary.   We do a high, low dusting and vacuuming, clean tops of all moldings, baseboard heating, etc.   Hard surfaced floors [wood, tile, etc] are vacuumed and mopped and we vacuum all carpeted surfaces. cabinets are cleaned inside & out in kitchen and bathrooms [including medicine cabinets]. in the kitchen we normally clean oven & refrigerator inside & out as well.


Moving In Cleaning Service on Long Island

This type of cleaning is for clients moving IN to a new home.   Usually a move-in cleaning is more detailed & intricate than a move-out cleaning.  When someone is moving in to a "new" home we want to make it as easy as possible for a smooth move. Although we can't turn "old" into "new" a thorough cleaning allows our clients to move their furniture and belongings in and begin to make this their "home".


Living and Dining Areas

  1. Check for cobwebs, and dust everything high up
  2. Dust all blinds, drapes and ledges.
  3. Spot clean windows – close all drapes and blinds.
  4. Dust pictures, knick knacks and dust all furniture.
  5. Remove cushions from furniture and whisk out crumbs.
  6. Spot clean walls, clean light switches and all baseboards.
  7. Vacuum all areas and move all light furniture (carefully).
  8. Be sure to check and vacuum door tracks.
  9. Vacuum underneath all heavy furniture.
  10. Mop our way out.

Kitchen Area

  1. Dust everything high up, including the cabinets.
  2. Clean refrigerator including seals, trays, bins, shelves etc.
  3. Clean microwave: inside, tray, top, and door.
  4. Ask to remove any open food or trash.
  5. Clean out coffee pot, especially the grids.
  6. Clean all countertops, and front of cabinets.
  7. Clean out the sink; polish stainless if necessary.
  8. Clean stove top, including fan hood.
  9. Clean oven (if instructed), including racks and drawer.
  10. Empty dishwasher and clean seals (if necessary).
  11. Empty trash and clean receptacle, replace bag.
  12. Clean and dust any other areas. (Including knick knacks and baseboards).
  13. Vacuum and mop our way out.

Bathroom Areas

  1. Check for cobwebs and dust everything high up.
  2. Put dirty laundry (towels) in the dirty hamper.
  3. Clean shower walls and doors (curtain), work down to the tub.
  4. Clean bath tub, including rinsing and polishing fixtures.
  5. Spot clean walls, clean light switches and dust baseboards.
  6. Thoroughly clean the toilet and surrounding area.
  7. Empty trash, clean and replace bag.
  8. Vacuum floor and mop our way out.

Other Areas

  1. Spot clean doors (including sliding glass) and handles.
  2. Clean and dust air conditioner vents and returns.
  3. Check air conditioner filters
  4. Change air conditioner filters when necessary.
  5. Clean out your Garage
  6. Move Out or In Cleaning