With sweat soaked clothing, endless contact, and hundreds of people using athletic facilities every day, they are a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and odor. Sanitizing areas of your facilities piece by piece is just not enough. Take control of these problems with Global Sanitizing Solutions! Our Smart-Touch Sanitizing™ technologies allow your athletic facilities to be sanitized the proper way - safely, quickly, and easily.


Athletic facilities are full of people who are concerned about their health. What better way to show them that you share in their concern than by using Global Sanitizing Solutions to sanitize your facilities safely and effectively without the use of harsh chemicals and cleaning agents? If you have a gym, locker-rooms, indoor sports facilities, school gynasium, health club, or even a martial arts dojo, Global Sanitizing Solutions can help you!


The Smart-Touch Sanitizing technology attacks germs, viruses and bacteria at a 99.9% effectiveness, and leaves your facilities completely sanitized with an earth friendly formula. It's so safe The NSF, National Sanitary Foundation has it Certified for "Food Contact Surfaces"


SmartTouch Sanitizing