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Q: How often do I need to have my home sanitized/deodorized?


A: That depends on the circumstances.  As far as deodorizing, there may be occasions when smoke, pet odors or cooking odors become an issue and you want them treated. Sanitizing, on the other hand, is highly recommended at least twice per year, late fall and in the spring. You may sanitize after parties or social gatherings.  We highly recommend treatment if someone in the house becomes ill.  Doing so will help prevent further cross-contamination.  While quarterly treatments provide good control in reducing germs and allergens, monthly sanitizing is best.


Q: Should I have my entire place treated when only my basement smells musty?


While it may not be necessary, we highly recommend you have the entire house treated because the contaminants causing the musty odors can travel throughout the indoor areas via the ventilation system.


Q: Is there anything on which the disinfectant should not be sprayed?


A: The disinfectant is safe for all colorfast fabrics and carpeting and all hard surfaces, including hardwood.  Items such as bathroom area rugs, throw rugs, silk and cotton articles should be treated for color fastness or be removed or covered prior to treatment.


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