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Attic ventilation is not often at the top of a homeowner's to do list, but it should be!  When properly installed, attic ventilation can significantly improve the comfort of your living spaces, extend the life of your attic and roof structure, and save you as much as 30 percent on energy bills.


Year Round:

During summer months, attic fans can help keep your attic cool.  Removing hot, moist summer air from your attic can prevent warping of your roof sheathing.  Attic ventilation also stops shingles from deteriorating prematurely, helping to avoid costly roof repairs.  By reducing the burden on your cooling system, attic ventilation also may extend the life of your cooling system by up to 3 years.  What's more, fresh air in the attic makes a home much easier to cool, which can result in lower energy costs and increased comfort.


In the winter, attic ventilation reduces moisture build up in your attic.  Air movement through your attic in winter months  helps to prevent water from backing up under shingles, damaging insulation, and rotting the roof structure.  It also helps prevent ice dams from forming.  Ice dams occur in areas where snowfall and cold temperatures are common and pose a special problem because they prevent melt water from running off the roof. They can even cause leaks inside your home, resulting in internal structural damage. 

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A Small Change, With Big Results!                                                           
  • Increased Comfort
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Increased Cooling System Efficiency
  • Extended Cooling System Longevity
  • Roof Structure Preservation
  • Moisture Damage Prevention

When you consider all the benefits to proper attic ventilation, moving it to the top of your "to do" list makes a lot of Sense!



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