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Protecting your roof is extremely important!

Ice dams are extremely common problems during New York winters!!!

The roof of your home is the only thing protecting you from the harsh winter elements. Without a solid and secure roof, your home will be exposed to freezing cold temperatures and frozen precipitation. A roof that isn't properly cared for can cause thousands of dollars in excess heating and cooling bills. You may also have to pay thousands of dollars to get your roof repaired if it is damaged in the winter months. One of the most devastating winter occurrences is excess ice on a roof. When ice accumulates on a roof it can cause so much weight that the roof breaks or even collapses. Frozen water can also seep into a roof and freeze. Because water expands when it freezes, your roof can become cracked or completely destroyed by freezing water.




Scraping ice off your roof is almost impossible. Once ice forms, it adheres to the surfaces on your roof and you will not be able to scrape it away without removing shingles and flashing from your roof. This is something you do not want to do. One of the best ways to combat excessive ice on your roof is to install a heating cable that will melt the ice that builds up on your roof. A heating cable is a great way to prevent damage from occurring from ice buildup. You can hire a professional that will install a cable that will either create constant levels of low heat (automatic) or that you can turn on and off manually to blast away ice when it accumulates on your roof.


Roof Heating Cables Protect Gutters

Another reason to install a roof heating cable is to protect your home's gutter system. Often the snow that accumulates on your roof will melt quickly when the sun is out. Because many roofs are darl color, they attract sunlight and heat up. This heat will melt snow and send it running down your roof and into gutters. However, when the sun goes down temperatures may again drop below freezing. Water will then freeze in your gutters and downspouts. Because this frozen water is never exposed to direct sunlight, it can take weeks to fully melt away and your gutters will be blocked. When the gutters are blocked, more and more water will accumulate and freeze. This extra weight can cause your entire gutter system to come crashing down. Hiring a professional to install a roof heating cable around your gutter system will prevent this problem.

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