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Is Your Dryer Vent Clogged?

There’s a hidden FIRE Hazard in almost every home… It’s the Dryer Vent!!!

Dryer Vents get clogged with lint over time, especially if the vent duct is long or has many turns and bends. When air flow is obstructed by lint, heat cannot escape. Typically, if this problem is occurring your clothes will begin to take much longer to dry. It also creates a potential fire hazard.


In addition to saving money on your utility bills by shortening the drying time of your clothes dryer, properly cleaning and maintaining your dryer vent system reduces the possibility of a dryer fire in your home or place of business.


Conlon Exteriors  begins the dryer cleaning process by pulling the dryer away from the wall.  Any lose debris behind the dryer is vacuumed up.  Next we will disconnect and clean the flexible hose which runs between the dryer and the wall. If the hose is in poor condition the customer will present the option of replacing it with a new fire-resistant flex hose. The dryer duct is then cleaned and unclogged using a variety of tools and methods (depending on the circumstances). Upon completion, the flex hose is re-attached and the dryer is test run to verify proper function of the exhaust system.

Your Home could be at risk of fire:

Read More about Fire Hazard:



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